Question RAM or MOBO??!!

Jan 5, 2023

Hey guys ive got a tear my hair out situation where i cant seem to run any ram in dual channel

running gears:

Strix X370-F Gaming
Radeon 6800 GPU
1600x Cpu
Tower cooler
DDR4 Ripjaws 8gb (x2) (2660)
Corsair RM 750x

Only slots B2 & B4 are working...
Tested every slot with 1 stick
A1= bios fault ram light
A2=bios fault ram light
B1+B2 unstable (blue screen startup faults) mem faults ect

I can get B1+b2 going but i think i had to have to manually lower ram frequency a bit.

Obviously A2 B2 is the target as per recommended mobo specs

Taken computer apart and checked cpu pins (they seem to be fine). loosened off cpu tower cooler so that pressure on cpu was even to the mobo.

What else can i do?
Would a memtest be able to test the dim slots?

Cheers heap, Stevo


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Only slots B2 & B4 are working...
Surely you mean A2 and B2...right? Oh, B1 and B2. You might want to check and see what your current motherboard BIOS version is. Also, might want to keep a donor system/motherboard handy. If you're pending BIOS updates and you still don't get the ram slots to work, try your CPU on a compatible motherboard to see if the issue persists. If you see that the same happens on the donor platform, then your CPU's memory controller might've given up.
Jan 5, 2023
Sorry to clarify on slots B1 & B2 are working on the board. (Not B2,B4)

Yea mobo is running bios version 6042 which to my research is the latest. Can i test without those hardware componants? Dont have anything on hand