Question RAM overclocking and stability issues ?


Oct 18, 2017
My Specs :
  1. Ryzen 5 2600
  2. Team Group T-Force VULCAN TUF 2X8GB at 3200Mhz CL 16-18-18-38 1.35v (Hynix C-die)
Currently I'm running at 2400Mhz and everything on auto settings, I used to run at 3200Mhz on XMP for a month without any issues until my PC decided to just restart during boot and re-set itself to 2400Mhz randomly today.
  • I'm assuming the XMP is unstable at times and not consistent. Is this normal?
My RAM is rated as 1.35V on the package, but the Auto XMP on the motherboard puts it between 1.368 - 1.372V.
  • Does this mean my RAM is running at a Voltage that it is not supposed to run and could be the reason for the unstability?
I tried setting the timing to 1.360V to check if everything going normal, but the PC just re-set the speeds back to 2400Mhz again. But When I enable the XMP to profile 1 (2933Mhz) the voltage goes upto 1.368 - 1.372V as Auto! It is working on XMP but when I set the voltage manually it does not work.

I'm currently using DRAM calculator and got a list of timings for my RAM at 3133Mhz, do I need to alter the SOC voltage and everything? Hardware Unboxed video and some others suggested no need to do it but I'm a bit confused.
  • What exactly do i need to set after the timings?


Sep 12, 2020
there is no certainty when overclocking ram Ive found it to be unstable like you have, if i change my bios settings in any way or if i add hardware it can destablize the ram, i saw a long disscussion on the msi forum about what AMD recommend and its not what you would want to hear,
when ive had problem in the past, reseating the ram and running with less modules installed or even running it at lower speeds for a while then going back to it in a weeks time is how ive fixed it, if you look at my video you can see i only have 2 ram modules installed and 2 are on the desk as i was having a problem with stability at the time of the video but now im running 4x 8 again