Question RAM overclocking. I have one stick of ram hyperx 16gb 3733mhz cl16 and one stick of hyperx 16gb 3733mhz cl17

Nov 11, 2021
Could I overclock cl16 and cl17 at same time or it is imposible to overclock
I have:
MSI 2080 super
MSI z390 tomahawk
Intel i7-9700k
HyperX Fury 16gb 3733mhz ddr4 ram cl16
HyperX Fury 16gb 3733mhz ddr4 ram cl17


Jul 17, 2019
It is better to have 2 same type of RAM. Yours are apparently not same. I strongly recommend buying 2 identical RAM. It is even butter to buy double RAM at the sama package. For 2 channel operation you need to have 2 RAM. 1 32 GB is not again recommended.

What do you mean with RAM overclocking? You must enable and try if these two RAM runs at the XMP profile speed. As they are not identical, problems might occur, or you may need to manually lower your speed to 3200 mhz or even less.


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It's not impossible to overclock, the matter of the scenario is that you will need to spend time tinkering with them, manually. Some settings can break the overclock while some will help bolster your platform. Also, make sure you're on the latest BIOS version. Trial and error is what you will need to adopt.

Personally, I'd have sourced a ram kit that's guaranteed to operate at their advertised frequency, timings out of the box as opposed to shooting in the dark and hoping you hit something with mixing and matching sticks of ram to come up with a cumulative capacity.
It will work but you will have to find the characteristics of both sticks, what timings etc work. Easiest to do that 1 stick at a time. And go with the poorer timings every time when you run both sticks.
XMP is XMP, you should always be able to overclock past it. Sometimes, not by much. As an aside, I hear Corsairs XMP is very close to what the sticks will do. And their RGB RAM has even worse margins.