RAM overclocking


May 7, 2009
I have a phenom 9950, asus M3A78-T mobo, and corsair XMS2 1066 2x2GB RAM sticks. I am aiming for getting my CPU to 3.3GHz(already can do), my NB & HT to 2.2GHz(what i running right now), and my RAM to 1.1GHz. I have thought to acheive this i would use the FSBclk of 275 and put my CPU multi to 12, NB/HT multi to 8 and use my RAM at 4(what would standard run it at 800MHz). I CANNOT get this to run with or without ACC and even the standard timings at 1066 do not function.

My question, it seems to me that RAM timings are fairly dependant on what RAM you have so i was wondering is there a standard method of overclocking one's RAM without ajusting one varible per reboot and thus taking a billion years?

As a side if anyone else has any suggestions as to how else to acheive my goal those too would be appreciated.

Thank you one and all.


No standard method, sorry. Blood, sweat and tears are in your future. :)

The good news is that OCing your RAM likely won't make any significant difference in performance.