Question RAM problems


Nov 19, 2019
Mobo : Dell optiplex 790 MT
Pcu: Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4 ghz
GPU: Invidia Geforce GTX1050 Ti
PSU: corsair 550W
Ram: 16GB DDR2

I'm getting lights 1 and 3 on my PC whenever I try to use anymore than 8 GB of ram. I have 4 ram slots that have been giving me problems forever. I was having problems about a year ago so I bought all new ram and it worked for about a year with 16 GB of ram. However just the other week I started getting lights 1 and 3 on my PC and it wont start with 16GB of ram only with 8GB using 2 of the ram slots.

Ive tried using only 3 ram slots of moving them around but only 2 slots seem to work. I don't know if its my battery on my mobo or just my mobo itself.

Is this a low battery problem or a Mobo problem?

I've tried dozens of different ram sticks none seem to work.

Thanks in advance.