Ram Question / Help!


Aug 8, 2012
Well i have already bought some ram for my new build, but this deal on the motherboard im going to buy comes with two free dims ( 4 x 2 ) of 8GBs of RAM. They are a different model than my original ( 4 x 2 ) 8GBs of Ram. Can i put both different models of ram into my computer or will that not work? Like will my computer explode, haha? Just wondering if i could use two different models of RAM to make a total of 16 GBs of Ram on my new build.

Thanks in advance!

Unless you have 8 DIMM slots, it's a Mute point, assumming you specified the ram correctly.
You said 4 x 2 for 8 gigs.
That means 4 modules x Each module is 2 gigs, and it is very hard to stick 8 modules into 4 slots.
Like puting 8 pounds of sh$$ (that smelly stuff) into a 4 lb bag
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77
Number of Memory Slots: 4×240pin
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To go to 16 gigs you would have to go use 4 x 4gig.