Question ram resets to 2133mhz and bios time and date resets after cold boot

Oct 18, 2021
so i have a 2-3 year old pc. ryzen 5 3500, rx580, 2*8gb corsair 3000mhz ram( cmk8gx4m1d3000c16), asrock b450 steel legend, corsair cx550 psu.

since the last few days what i notice is that my PC is taking 10-15 seconds more to show me the asrock logo when i boot it up. so i go the bios and see that the ram is stuck at 2133mhz. before, this it used run fine with xmp2.0 3200mhz. now even if i manually set the timings or use any xmp2.0 profile, it resets back to 2133mhz when i completely turn off the pc and cut off the power from the wall for few seconds. same goes with the time and date, it resets to 2017 after cold boot. i tried to tinker with other profiles like tpm and secure boot and they also reset to their default values after cold boot. the rgb lights and pattern don't change to default values though.

i never updated the bios as it always ran fine. so i updated it to the latest one and the problem still persists. also i reinstalled windows, checked connections, swapped ram among their slots(btw they were always in a2 and b2) but nothing helped. also tried to reset the bios using jumper method and removing the cr2032 button cell but i don't think the bios got reset coz there was no message indicating the same while booting my pc.

other than that pc runs fine. i can't figure out what could the problem be. any help is appreciated.