Question Ram running at 1333 due to Mobo throttle?

Jan 25, 2020
Im running a Dell inspirion 660. It has an I3-3240 processor. the stock motherboard. has a gt710 graphics card, it came with 8GB ram that ran at 1600 and that is supposedly the max. so i threw in some corsair 8GB sticks and sure enough it works but runs at the slower 1333. since this is unfortunately a dell budget machine BIOS is restricting me from adjusting speeds or seeing/having overclock profiles. Is it simply running at a slower speed because its being told by bios that its over the limit and being safe? technically the processor and mobo can run up to 32, so i can only assume this is dell mystical restrictions...


I am almost positive its this dell Mobo. haha. i just thought i would brain storm with others who might know a trick.
To use the new Corsair kit, the Dell motherboard needs to allow XMP setting or manual memory speed and timing settings in bios. Either you are able to manually set memory speed to 1600Mhz or your original kit had 1600Mhz CL11 in the SPD for an automatic maximum speed setting. The new Corsair kit only has 1333Mhz CL9 for maximum automatic setting. Some brands of memory have 1600Mhz CL11 as an automatic setting but most of those are limited to 2x4GB kits. Corsair ValueSelect may have automatic 1600Mhz CL11 on 2x8GB, but I'm unsure about that. The only brand I know for sure that has 2x8GB 1600/1866Mhz automatic overclock is Kingston with their HyperX Fury models. They should say PNP or plug and play if it's one of those kits and 1866Mhz modules will downclock to a lower speed when 1866Mhz is unsupported by the CPU.


my bios doesnt have the option
Buy a kit of Kingston HyperX Fury as 1600 or 1866Mhz. Refer to my previous post about why your Corsair kit is not working if you missed it. Used modules are a better deal at half the price of new and would likely still be under warranty. Although it doesn't say P75 chipset is supported (the chipset on your motherboard), it should still work to automatically run at 1600Mhz CL10.