Question RAM slot not working

Apr 17, 2019
Just yesterday,i just had an AC power loss due to bad availability of electricity in my region.This thing is common, but yesterday after I rebooted my computer It didnt turn ON(CPU is working but no display) and the monitor power light was blinking.After doing some research i exchanged my ram(1->2 and 2->1) it didnt work.Then i took out my RAM 2.The system booted.So I checked my RAM 2 on RAM 1 slot. System works fine .I did the same with RAM slot 2.Both of my RAMs.No Display.So i figured that I have problem in my RAM 2 slot.I cleaned my slot with a dry brush.It still doesnt work.It shows just 4GB instead of 8GB(which it should have).I tested both the RAM on my cousin's desktop.It works fine.Is there any other way to fix the slot.I play a lot of high end games on my Desktop,so i need my 8GB RAM.Also repair shops just try the fool us by mentioning certain thing which didnt need any repairing.So i want to know the exact problem and how to fix it.
My motherboard is just 2 years old.....Also didnt work here implies CPU on but no display and monitor power light blinking.
my specs are-
Core i5 6600K 3.33GHz
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 2GB
Seagate 500GB HDD
My motherboard-

plz help me.😭😭


I think what most likely happened is that the power incident involved a voltage spike that damaged the motherboard electrically. I don't see you fixing it easy.

I have had lots of PCs damaged by power outages where I work.