Question RAM slot problem on MSI B560M-A Pro ?

Sep 12, 2022
Hello, i bought a few days ago a MSI B560M-A Pro motherboard but i faced problems to get it to work properly:

There is no display when both RAM modules are installed in their respective slots.

At first, I thought it was a component compatibility issue so I bought PNY XLR8 ddr4 8gb sticks (x2) with compatible frequency, but still no display.

Then, I re-installed the RAM sticks and got display and everything working, until today, I checked RAM memory usage and availability, and only detected 1 of the 2, so I took them out and placed them back properly, no Display again.

Tried them both on the first slot (DIMM A1) and didnt get a display (MoBo showed LED troubleshoot light on RAM), did the same test one by one ln the second slot (DIMM B1) and both worked, got display and LED didnt turn on.

Updated BIOS hoping it would fix it, same issue.

Could it be a component malfunction and I need to return it?
I know the RAM sticks are not the problem since they both worked in the DIMM B1 slot.
It only has two RAM slots.

Thank you