Question RAM slots can't be inserted??

Apr 3, 2021
Hello everyone, today I took out an old computer for a college project and I needed to open it, remove and restore the components and run some tests on it. Everything went well, but one. For this project, after removing and restoring the components, I needed to run some programs on it. OFC, first I tried to install them and I did, everything went fine as planned and unfortunately I didn’t take write on paper the results, I just turned off the computer. After that, I opened the case and started the project. I took out all the components and returned, but 1 RAM can't get into the slot where it was before and now I can't turn on the computer and run the tests. The computer had 2 RAMS, one was returned without any problems, but the other is physically impossible. I don’t even know how it was put before. Here is the picture of RAM that wont insert. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.


Motherboard: make, model, version?

Use a bright flashlight to check the RAM slots for signs of damage.

Did you try both RAM modules in both slots?

Add a photograph of the RAM module that does insert.

Add photographs of each RAM showing the label/ specs.
There should be a key to either side of the RAM slot that has to be pushed down in order for the RAM to fit into the slot. It will leverage against that key and snap into place with the key retaining it. Obviously it only goes in one way in relation to the gaps in the stick.

Given the age of the machine you might look to see if the actual RAM slot on the motherboard is damaged.
If the ram was installed before, it can be installed again.
Make certain that the notches in the ram line up with the raised blocking notch in the ram slot.
You may need to switch the ends.
To insert ram, first open up the latch that will be at the end of the slot.
There may be a latch at both ends.

You need to be very careful about holding the stick vertical and evenly at both ends.
Pushing down also must be done evenly. Hold each end and push down evenly and simultaneously.
The latches should pop up when the rem is fully seated.
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I wonder if this RAM is even older than we are accustomed to now. The posts above are pertinent to current common RAM systems with hinged latches at each end of the mobo slot to hold the RAM module in place. In fact, the small notches on each end of the module you show look like how those latch levers grab into the module ends. Pay special attention to geofelt's note about matching the notches in the module bottom edge with blocks in the slot base.

On much earlier systems from the 1990's there was a different system. It involved small metallic springs at the slot ends. To insert the RAM module, you had to insert it NOT straight up. You inserted it "bent over", and then rotated it up into the slot so that the spring clips at each end bent back and snapped around the two ends of the module. To remove these you had to push the spring clips at each end sideways so that the module could be rotated down part way and then removed.