Ram slots have suddenly stopped working, help!

Sep 22, 2018
I7 8700k
Asus Z370-P
G-Skill Rip Jaws V DDR4 2400 x2 8GB

Where do I even begin? Ive built this rig about 2 days ago and its been nothing but a headache just trying to get it to do basic things. When I first got the system to post the computer ran in the recommended dual channel slots fine for about 2 hours before crashing and going into an infinite boot loop. I then swapped the dual channel slots over to the ones next to the recommended and the computer would then work, however if it was only slightly bumped it would freeze, sometimes going into a boot loop when I reset it. I contacted Asus and they asked me to update the BIOS to the latest version, I did that however now the dual channel mode doesnt work AT ALL in either of the dual channel slots, the computer will boot, but wont post and wont beep at all. However both sticks of ram work together in the first two slots in single channel mode, but not the second two slots and in no other combination aside from the first two slots. WTF is happening?