Question Ram speed and ryzen

So I'm thinking hard about finally taking the plunge into ryzen territory. Motherboard is undecided but leaning toward the tomahawk max, or waiting for b550. As much as I love my asus maximus and would like to go with an x470 or x570 crosshair, I just dont see much point spending that much. Especially when the max seems to be the most recommended board in pcpartpicker list I see, including several I've made myself. Other than aesthetics, is an x series board, either 4 or 5 series, worth the extra cost?

CPU of choice currently is the 3600, but have been tossing around the idea of 3700x. But again dont see the point of the added cost when this is a purely gaming machine. No thoughts of streaming or any other cpu intensive tasks. Gaming only. Again price difference worth it?

My main question is regarding ram speed. I see and have suggested myself 32 or 3600 speed. And I know those are the sweet spots for the ryzen architecture. But I currently have a fairly solid gskill kit. 2x8gb, 3000mhz ripjaws v. I've never attempted to oc it but maybe it's possible to reach higher with it. If I could save myself some money by not needing to grab a new ram kit, even with how good prices are, should I? Or should I just suck it up and grab some new ram?

If I do finally decide to upgrade, itll be within the next month or so. But nothing is set in stone, and I'm still trying to figure out if I really want to do it or if the upgrade bug is just hitting me hard seeing all this new tech available.

Current setup is:
I7 7700(non k)
Asus maximus viii hero z170
Gskills ripjaws v 3000mhz, 2x8gb
Rtx 2080
250gb m.2 wd blue os drive, 2tb wd blue ssd and 1tb samsung 860 evo ssd.
Corsair hx750i
Full custom loop, 1 360mm, 1 240mm, cpu and gpu cooled.

Is current ram good enough? Should I even make this leap into ryzen? I'm not seeing any issues currently and only want to upgrade, certainly don't need to.


Nov 17, 2019
If you're upgrading to Ryzen I would definitely get faster ram - 3600 MHz.

An optional upgrade with disappointing results is not what you want.

As the i7 is currently meeting your needs, you should be looking at the 3700x minimum or 3800x - yes, 6 cores on 3600 is currently plenty but back when you got the i7 four cores was enough (and now you'll be struggling on e.g. BFV with only 4 cores).

Sounds like you could easily put off the upgrade, so I think either go for a decent performance bump or wait until you actually need that.

All the best.
Yes I most certainly could hold off as its definitely just a want kind of deal. I'm currently having zero issue in bfv or rdr2 or similar. I think the extra threads of the 7700 help, as I originally had a 6600k. My work was getting rid of some pcs and they just happened to have 7700s in them. Free upgrade and the boost in certain games was definitely nice. No more stuttering or micro freezes. Smoothness and gameplay has definitely improved.

The ram is not really a make or break, as ram is still decently priced. When I built the 6600k system my kit was well over 100 bucks, now a good 3600 kit is only 70ish.

I will definitely look more at the 3700x, but kind of assumed the extra 2c/4t were still considered a solid upgrade. But like you said an optional upgrade with disappointing results is certainly not what I'm after. Would like to get my monies worth after all.

Another wrench was thrown into my plans recently. Went searching for the am4 bracket for my current CPU block and it has been discontinued. Bummer. I guess a new block isnt exactly make or break either, but is certainly not an expense I was planning on. Got an email into xspc to see if I have any other options other than new block.