[SOLVED] RAM speed higher then CPUs rated RAM speed

Sep 26, 2021
I realised that the speed of the RAM i got (3600Mhz) is higher then the rated speed for my CPU (Ryzen 7 2700x).
I also have a b450 Steel Legend. Im not sure if that makes a difference.
If i were to jut put in the ram and boot up my system will it be fine? Will the RAM speed be automatically set lower so that I wont run into any problems or will I have to quickly adjust the speed in the bios?
Im kind of scared of just going for it in case it might damage something so a lttle insight by someboy more expirienced with this subject would be greatly appreciated. :)


Mar 14, 2005
It may or may not operate at 3600Mhz. 3600Mhz is on the high side of what most 2700x chips can handle. You'll just have to try it. If it doesn't run stable , a bump up on the SOC voltage may help. Otherwise you'd have to try lowering the frequency a little at a time until you find the max ram frequency your chip will handle. My 2600x refuses to go above 3400. I've read somewhere most zen+ (2000 series chips) max out between 3400 and 3600, but I've seen some users post stable clocks even above this.
I was able to get some
G.skill Trident Z Royal Gold 3600 2x8 16 16 16 36 to run on my Asus Rog Strix x470 F Gaming with my 2600x.
Idk if gear down was enabled or disabled but
Pro 60
Rtt_nom off
Rtt_park off
And a 3rd 1 was disabled
Everything thing else on auto except 1.37v.

Can try xmp or set timings manually.
I think I had mine set Docp / xmp and the above settings.
Good Luck