[SOLVED] ram speed

Sep 27, 2020

I recently changed my mobo from gigabyte b450 aorus m to asus tuf gaming b550m-plus due to some audio issues.
Back then i could XMP the ram and run it at 3200mhz properly , now on the new mobo when i activate the DOCP and save the settings , the pc shuts down 3 times , then it starts in safe mode with the error bios imagine , and i need to put it back on auto (2133mhz).

The settings i get and don't work :

Ai Overclock Tuner Auto -> D.O.C.P
memory frequency Auto -> 3200
DRAM CAS# Latency Auto ->16
trcdrd Auto ->18
trcdwr Auto ->18
DRAM RAS# PRE Time Auto ->18
DRAM RAS# ACT Time Auto ->36
DRAM Voltage Auto ->1.35000

the setting i had on the D.O.C.P was
D.O.C.P DDR4-3200 16-18-18-36-1.35V

The ram is put on slot 1 and 3 , is that a problem ? Also should I increase the voltage at 1.40 , or why is this happening ?

The bios is up to date : version 1004
Please list the P/N of your RAM kit to establish if you have a mismatch or not.
If your kit does not have a DOCP profile then they won't work in Auto > D.O.C.P
Try with one DIMM in the B2 slot for testing initially
Insert SPD values in manual mode for timings. Keep DRAM Voltage at 1.35V

For a (2x8) combo kit you should insert the DIMM modules in slots A2 and B2 as per your manual page 1-9.