Question RAM sticks For PC Build ?


Mar 29, 2022
Hi. I have read on Intels site that for the 12600K it is recommended to have DDR5 at 4800mhz. My current PC Build (below) will only start off with 2 sticks to cut the costs to start but I intend to have all 4 RAM slots used later on however I have read that having RAM rated above what the CPU recommendation is can cause instability and possibly even PC issues.
Does RAM really cause issues if rated above the Intel recommended RAM speeds or will I be fine if I use 4x DDR5 with the RAM speed rated above what Intel Recommends?

[Quick note: The same RAM at 4800mhz is basically the same price]
Yes, it can cause instabilities but is unlikely. My CPU supports up to 2666MHz while my RAM runs at 3200MHz. Absolutely no problems. 2 or 4 sticks of RAM also doesn't matter.

Do note though, if you're buying one kit of RAM first, make sure the next set of RAM you buy is the exact same kit. Mixing kits is much, much more likely to cause instability than going above the rated CPU speeds. The Kingston kit you linked has part number KF552C36BBEAK2-32. You'll probably save yourself some headache by getting an identical kit.