Question Ram sticks work separately but not together?

Jan 9, 2020
Hi, first of all, sorry for my English its not my native language.

Yesterday I tried to build new pc,
i7 6700k,
z270 tuf mark 1 motherboard,
Corsair 16 gb 8x2 3200Mhz
PSU Corsair AX860
Cpu cooler Masterliquid
GPU 980ti

So, I put everything together, but there was no signal on my monitor. Fans were spinning, cooler were working, but no signal on monitor. Ram sticks was in matching colour slots. i tried to put stick in different slots, no signal on monitor again, then i remove one slot and finally can access windows, i notice that loading time from asus tuf logo till my desktop was quite long as well, even on my old pc it was way faster. And i notice low constant beeping sound coming from ram i assume. then i turn off pc , and tried to put another ram stick again, i put 1 stick into white slot and another into black, and at this time i had a luck to access my desktop again, but at that time i noticed, 2 constant beeping sounds with different frequencies coming from ram slots. so actually my pc is working, but it takes really long time no access window. maybe around minute or two, it stays ages on asus tuf logo, then black screen with flashing underline sign takes other 20 second, only then windows loading .and beeping sound is really annoying its not loud but its noticeable , ram sticks is only working when i put them in different colour slots.(black/white) So i thought it can be ram or cpu problem, and i took them with me today to my work place, i have spare pc with z170 motherboard, i put ram in matching colour slots, install cpu and pc boots in second, no sounds and etc,
What can be a problem in my case? thanks very much in advance!
Jan 8, 2020
Did you try using just one ram stick at a time in each slot then try to post. Then repeat same steps with the other stick of ram. What happens?
yeah maybe one of the ram sockets is dead and that's what causing the problem.

The computer taking too long to load might indicate that it's having trouble identefying one ram stick.

If you manage to start it up with both ram sticks in, go to task manager and see how much ram the computer is detecting. Also check the ram speeds by the computer.
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