Question RAM stuck at 1866mhz ?


Dec 21, 2017
Today I installed 2 new sticks of ram in my pc, I had already a 2 sticks of this brand kingston(ddr4-2666) and I installed 2 new sticks of G skill (ddr4-3200) but my hz are stuck at 1866,
I saw on the internet that my new sticks, g skill's one will lower their hz to be the same as the kingston's but apparently it didn't work like I was expecting. I have XMP enabled.

Here are my specs :
Ryzen 7 2700x
Gigabyte b450 m aorus
GTX 1070
you think that if I buy 2 more G skill sticks and do quad channel it will work ?
There will be no QUAD channel whatever you do, that processor or MB don't support it. At best 2 dual channels but that doesn't mean a quad.
Using4 sticks with that CPU will not provide with higher speed as Internal Memory Controller in CPU gets overloaded.
With that combo you would be best off with 2x8GB or 1x16GB RAM at 3200MHz kit. Sell old ones but get a kit like that. Only then you have reasonable chance of it working with XMP. It would be even better if those new RAM are in QWL for MB.
Also check for and install latest compatible BIOS version, IF it's an old one there my be some changes for better RAM and other handling.