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Aug 21, 2019
So my 2 gig RAM stick died a couple days ago and I am looking for a new RAM stick.

I want a 4 gb ddr3 1066/1333 Mhz RAM
Basically compatible with this mobo.

The RAM must be cheap, no fancy stuff required.

You are free to use any website just make sure to convert the prices to INR and add the shipping charges if possible.

Some domestic websites are,,,newegg india etc.
You can search those too.

Please help me find good RAM since I am kinda new to buying electronic components and don't wanna duck myself over with my tight budget.

Thanks in Advance.
Aug 21, 2019
For a total of 4gb, buy a 2 x 2gb kit of DDR3 ram.
Two sticks will run in faster dual channel mode.
That is particularly important if you are using integrated graphics.
Look for 1333 speed.
You can navigate your shopping options better than I.

Here is a list of ram known to be supported by your motherboard:
I have a 2gb ram stick
I only have 2 slots on the mobo.
So 2x2 is basically buying another 2 gig stick and not 4 gig stick
CPU-Z will give you the specs of voltage, speed and cas numbers of your current stick.
You need to buy the exact same part number if you can to give you a better chance of working properly.
Ram is sold in kits which are matched.
Unmatched kits are not 100% guaranteed to work, even the same part number.
Intel is quite good about compatibility, your odds of success buying just one stick are perhaps 95%
If your windows is a 32 bit version, 4gb is the most you can support.
If your windows is 64 bit, then suggest that you look for a 2 x 4gb ram kit.
You can buy any speed. 1600 speed ram will default to the lower 1333 speed that your motherboard supports.
Here is an example from ebay for $22
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