Question RAM Unstable but clean MemTest86 pass.

Dec 14, 2022
Well, a couple of months ago I started having a problem that was: Random BSODs and Freezes.
This only happened when the computer was being used very lightly, for example:
Using folders, deleting or moving them, using Google Chrome, using Discord (Usually the latter happened when I left the PC open for 10 minutes with DC open without using it.)
However, when it is under load, playing or using a heavy program with 100% CPU and iGPU, I can be playing for 48 hours that the PC doesn't even notice.
I had already proposed this problem in the Motherboards section, more info below.
The BSODs were of this type: Memory Management Error, KMODE Exception not Handled, Non Paged Area, Win32kfull.sys, tcpip.sys, etc.
They all have a thousand reasons why they happen, but together they have one in common, problems with RAM.
PS: Freezes happen exactly on the same circumstances and they also have RAM as a common activator. (Freezes meaning my monitor keeps on but my Keyboard and Mouse wont respond and I have to sometimes restart my PC if it doesnt go back to normal by itself, as if I am looking at a screenshot, not even turning CAPS or Numpad on/off works.)
Here I put a link to Google Drive with my Minidumps to see if anyone understands, can read them and make sure that this is the problem.

Things I tried to see if it was a NO-RAM error with no result:
Hardware cleaned as new.
Fans working properly 3k RPM.
BIOS (UEFI) updated to the latest version 7.40.
Updated all drivers (AMD Adrenalin, Hardware, Windows and Motherboard)
Windows reinstalled a few times.
CPU and SSD tested with programs like UserBenchmark, Hard Disk Sentinel, etc.
Temperature, the CPU is still at 36 C° and does not go above 80 C° under load. (The SSD does not exceed 37.5 C °)
sfc /scannow and DISM found errors and fixed them successfully but the PC keeps crashing.
(Subsequent passes found no errors)
CMOS cleaned after UEFI Update.
Both RAM passed separately and DualChannel through MTest86+ without errors

I didn't find any bugs and differences from the last ok except the BIOS update.
But people on the motherboard forums told me that it was very unlikely that it was a thing like that.

CPU: Ryzen 7 5700G Vega8 iGPU (lt 1y old)
PSU: Stock 600w 80+ Normal (2y old+)
RAM 16 GB: 2x GEiL Potenza Evo 8GB 2600 MHz (lt 1y old)
MB: AsRock B450M Pro 4-F R2.0 (1y old)
Bios (UEFI): Updated from 3.10 to 7.40 (It wasn't a jump, it's literally the next version to 3.10)
Storage: NVMe M.2 W.D Green 940 GB (670 GB Free) (3m old)
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Optimized, reinstalled a couple of times with no result.)

To this I have three questions:

Both RAM together and separately have been tested with MemTest86+ (One pass) and came out without errors.
Is this already classified as NO RAM error and is it something else or should I do more passes?

If it is an X error of the RAM, the only solution is to replace them?

I'm about to buy a graphics card, this problem, if it's from the RAM. Can it affect the lifespan of the GPU? I don't care about the effect on performance (for now), I care about the lifespan.
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memtest doesnt stress ram hard enough, it runs some tests and compares whether data written are same or aida64 and run ram stress test, it will report hardware failure if there is any, which would mean unstable ram
alternative would be rounding errors in prime95