Dec 7, 2022

I want to upgrade my old ram corsair vengeance lpx 2666 16Gigs to 32Gigs 3600 CL16
My choises are the following:
  1. Gskill ripjaws V ($110)
  2. Kingston Fury ($105)
  3. Gskill trident Z/ trident Z neo ($150) /
Which one should i get?
CPU: R7 5800X3D
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro
Bios ver F63f

Motherboard QVL:
it hasnt been updated since OCT 2021

Ripjaws are in there but the 2x8 model
Trident Z are also in there but the 4x16 mdoel
Kingston are not in it, there are the old HyperX models

I'm leaning towards the Ripjaws sice they have lower timings thatn the Fury at the same price and i dont care about rgb.
Also what is the difference between the Ripjaws and the trident z? better controllers better memory modules?