Question RAM Upgrade for Lenovo M73 Small Form Factor


Feb 22, 2011
I have several Lenovo M73s that I need to upgrade to at least 8 Gig. Currently they have this:
4GB 2Rx8 PC3 12800U

I would like to buy 8GB sticks for half of them and double up the 4GB sticks on the rest. Does that sound like a good plan? Can someone recommend what would be compatible? (Amazon or Newegg link would be AWESOME!) I have not kept up to date on this stuff in a while!
The units have two ram slots and can accommodate up to 2 x 8gb.
Your plan is likely ok. Normally, the recommendation is to not use mismatched ram but
the Intel processors are quite tolerant of mismatched ram.
Since you have several units, you can afford to move things around and test them.
If you run memtest86 for a full pass with NO errors you are likely OK.
And, it it would help, you can pair a 4gb stick with a 8gb stick for a total of 12gb.
It will run in flex mode where the matching 4gb in each channel will run in dual channel mode and the odd 4gb capacity will run in single channel mode.

Your key to good performance is to use a ssd.