Question Ram upgrade. Is this the right one?

It should work as translated:

Corsair 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz. Element: computer / server, internal memory: 8 GB, memory chip (modules x format): 2 x 4 GB, internal memory type: DDR3, clock speed: 1333 MHz, memory form factor: 240-pin DIMM, CAS delay: 9

It's two 4 gig sticks.
If it's two 4 gig sticks....I think you probably have as good of a chance as you're going to get as far as them working.

I think that they probably will work. When I match the memory specs with the motherboard specs....even when the memory isn't on the QVL list (which I can't find for this motherboard)....the vast majority of the time it works.