[SOLVED] RAM upgrade not much performance improvement

Nov 21, 2021
I upgraded my RAM to 2x4GB (that is the max my laptop can handle), after feedback on this post.

In general, the laptop is performing marginally better now but I was expecting lot more (RAM went from 2x2GB to 2x4GB)!
Also, it has not helped at all with the boot times, laptop still takes up to a minute for laptop to be ready to use once I press the ON button.

Does this mean RAM was never the bottleneck and I should have instead focused on getting SSD? My laptop did show BSOD once after installing new RAM.
I installed all windows 7 updates and has been fine for last 3 days. To check RAM I read online articles and the bootable memory check tool is too complicated for me.
I ran CPUZ utility and can see both the new RAMs have exact same details under memory tab.
I also tried the Windows Memory Diagnostic (win7 laptop) but it failed to start and showed a black screen with message that a recent hardware or software change may have caused the issue.

What would the pros suggest - should I return new RAM and get an SSD instead or is there a way to improve boot times?
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Oct 25, 2017
If you don't have SSD then definitely you should get SSD first, instead of RAM, because it will give you more noticable difference than RAM upgrade. Also boot time will be improved by SSD, not by RAM.
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