Question Ram usage not matching total ram installed

Jun 18, 2019
Hey everyone,

I just installed 2 4gb of ram into my computer. I should now have a total of 12gb of ram 2x 2gb and 2x4gb.

The issues is my computer is still show as 8gb usage and it is not using the extra ram i installed

The things i tried
1.) I tried checking my bios for memory remapping feature but it doesn't have it

2.) I tried checking in MSCONFIG and checking the max memory box but still nothing happend

I don't know what else to do :( can you kind folks please help me?

I have a Gateway DX4850-57, Window 7 home premium OS
That mobo supports up to 16gb, so that shouldn't be an issue on its own. Its possible the memory is incompatible though.

reset bios to defaults.
Try only having the new ram sticks in and see if they are recognized.
Put the new ram where the old ram was, and the old ram where the new ram was going to go.
Are you ordering the ram properly, generally motherboards ram slots have certain orders (aabb, abab)
Are you running the newest BIOS version? potentially newer versions of your bios increased ram compatibility.
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