Question Ram used to be OC at 2800mhz for a year, after resetting bios I can't get passed the CPU's max speed ram speed

Jan 23, 2021
Hello everyone this is my first post on this website. I'm in desperate need for help regarding my RAM speed. Currently I'm playing Escape From Tarkov and the game's performance is very dependent on your RAM speed because of how poorly optimized the game is. I have not added/changed any hardware in the past year and have been running my ram at 2800mhz with 0 crashes because it's the highest I could get it to go without receiving fatal errors or simply not booting up. I just found out that my processor's max ram speed is only 2400 and was initially baffled how I got it to run for so long. I reset my bios/cmos jumper and now I can't get passed 2400mhz. Would increasing the voltage to my CPU maybe increase the speed I'm allowed to run my RAM at? Thank you in advance for anyone who tries to help or gives me their input on the situation. I will do my best to respond and answer any further questions you may be asking in order to help. Have a good weekend everyone :)

Here's my setup:
asus z270m extreme4 MB
gtx 1070 8gb
32gb corsair vengeance RAM (max 3200mhz)
i7 7700k kaby lake 4.2ghz (OC'd to 4.5ghz i think)
750w power

edit1: If i try using the XMP profile which tries running my RAM at 3200mhz it either just black-screens and I have to reset the cmos jumper or whatever again or it just boots up at the stock 2133mhz