Ramdisk for gaming.

Alright. So here's my question - it's mostly theoretical, but might apply to my next rig, once we have cheap DDR 4 RAM.

I know that a ramdisk is way faster than even an SSD, but doesn't store information without power.

So what would happen if I had a tiny SSD to store game installs on, and loaded the game that I play the most into the ramdisk when I booted?

How much would this affect boot times? I know it'd require a LOT of ram, because I'd need system ram and +/- 20GB for the ramdisk...

But how much would it slow my computer down on boot, and how much would it increase my loading screen times / general load times in games?

Would it be by enough that it would be worth it to load a game into the ramdisk every time I start a new game?


Sep 29, 2012
I have been interested in trying this as well. If you can make a macro or batch file which would automatically allocate the ramdisk from the SSD on boot. If it runs after windows has started the boot time should not be changed. Hope this helps.

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