Question Ramdom black screen and audio loop while gaming

Aug 5, 2019
Hey guys how are you doing? I have a problem with my PC, it actually can happen anytime.
Till now, it only seems to happen while playing Forza Horizon 4, so it goes like this, for example today; I played for like 3 hours everything ok and then the screen freezed and after a couple of seconds the screen went off and there was no video signal (according to my monitor), but I could still hear the audio, it was like a loop sound of the game. Anyway, I had to shut down the PC from the case and then I turned it on again.
Could my problem be because of a bug with that game in particular? I've played many other games and I didn't have any problems like that.

I have an Intel Core i5 9400F, 16 Gigs of Ram, Seasonic Focus Gold 650W, Kingston A2000 250GB (Windows) and Samsung Evo 840 250GB (where is installed Forza and the rest of my games) and my old Seagate 1TB for my Data.
I have my graphics card drivers updated and Windows is with the last updates as well.

Thanks in advance