Question Rampage iv black edition strange problems

Aug 26, 2019
hello everyone, I am new here.. I have been using the same ole computers for close to 10 years at home they are fine still to this day they seen a lot. one thing that I noticed was when i upgraded them to quadcores a friend said i could get the black edition duel cores and possibly get quad cores out of them.

I've had success however they wouldn't throttle and generally just was problematic and i eventually rested with athon 2 x4s.

Well a friend gave me a rampage iv black edition after seeing how old my gear is which was a awesome act of kindness i much appreciated.

Well i didn't get to use it for a few days and I finally got to do so, it came complete but wouldn't power on till i removed it from its case.

After that its aux connection which was 4 pins with only two occupied and the psu didn't have it so i gave it a better psu, now would randomly halt on memory releated codes and the ram would all go bad to the point no other pc would work with, or completely ignore modules exposed to the rampage...

So I investigate the bios anything to get some answers. and discovered by default its overclocking everything! so after turning all of that off it runs fine so i think i see the whole point of "black edition". and everytime it loses power it puts all oc back on even with new battery you'd think it would keep your settings even with a password on the setup.. keeps password and not settings...

it will say press f1 to recover your bios and doesn't do that when the power is restored. and when windows goes to shutdown it halts and gives a cpu overclock error, cpu is not being oc, but with the default settings and the strange oc settings it doesn't halt on shutdown but randomly kills the ram.

So keeping the power on and without the strange oc settings it will run great and amazing, but if the power fails and someone unaware of its quirks powers it up to the default settings imma have to keep getting new ram for it.

Could I reflash the bios but with my specific settings to be the default?
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