Rampage IV Black Edition vs ASRock X79 EXTREME11 vs other MBs (Best?)


Aug 2, 2013
Hello everyone,

Since the Rampage IV Black Edition launched by Asus, I was wondering if it is the best board for gaming, OC, and everyday use. I see that the ASRock X79 EXTREME11 is also rated high and there are some other boards from GIGABYTE out there working great. I know that the IVB-E isn't better chip that the SB-E last year, but considering the higher frequency RAM support of the chip, more memory channels, as well as the features that the Rampage IV BE gives like audio is what gets my attention.

I am not gonna do any SLI for now, just gonna keep one GPU (GTX 780 TI probably) and 2 channel ram slots (2x8GB) so i can upgrade later on to 32gb and maybe plug in another GPU. However I WILL overclock both of my GPU and CPU, I will tell you why in my questions...

So here are my questions...
First, Rampage IV Black Edition do great job with its onboard audio for best gaming experience sound? The ASRock also has something great out there from Creative, so just wondering...

Secondly, since I will be gaming a lot in 3D (using the Nvidia 3D Vision tech), will those components listed below be enough for keeping all games at 30+ FPS without going below (given that all games on max settings + all Nvidia texture technologies combined, including 3D vision)? What will be the % FPS loss when 3D Vision is on? (EVGA community told me that I will be loosing 50% of my total FPS when switching 3d vision on). Do I need SLI to be able to keep that frame rate? Here are the components:
- i7 4930K
- GTX 780 Classy (from EVGA) or GTX 780 TI Classy (from EVGA)
- 16 GB dominator platinum RAM.
I need 30FPS and more to keep the 3D Vision and G-Sync working properly together.
I will also be doing video editing/rendering and I really do look into quality.

And last, if you can, suggest another MB which is good like those 2. Say what is unique about it!


Do not make choice just by looking mobo audio card. You can buy 50$ audio card and it is same level as the AsRock card.

Id look too MSI and EVGA.

I have gigabyte X-70 2011 UD3 and it do have really good audio. I like it. Intel lan is really good too.
So if want two lan look Gigabyte

And if you really do not need all sata + pci-e or memory slots, two lan and all other stuff then look xheaper board like Asus PRO and Gigabyte UD3 / UP4


But if want the best then MSI is your choice. That is still "the best" IMO :)


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