Question Rampage V extreme suddenly stopped all the RAM

Jan 27, 2021
I have Asus Rampage V extreme from past 4 years, the full configuration is as follows :
Asus rampage V Extreme MB
Intel core i7 5820K
4 x 8 GB Corsair DDR4 3200GHz RAM
Corsair H110i Cooler
Samsung EVO 256GB Hdd
2 TB Seagate HDD
Asus Geforce GTX 1070 - 08G Graphics card
Coolermaster HAF 32 Full Tower
Coolermaster 850V PSU
LG 24 inch LCD monitor.

Now the problem starts. Yesterday i bought CM H500P Mesh case and without changing anything i just installed my old system into the new case and after installation when i started my system it showed only 8GB RAM instead of 32 GB. It was working fine in the old cabinet. So went though the forums on the ASUS site, this site and even the other sites which google showed up and tried all the solutions mentioned there like clearing CMOS, suing one DIMM at a time, trying different slots etc etc but nothing has clicked yet, So i am in a real help here if someone can sort it out
I would be really Greatful to anyone who helps
Amit Gedia


Does the following link show the User Guide for your motherboard?

[Verify that I identified the correct User Guide.]

Reference the User Guide to double check all connections. Ensure that the connectors are fully and firmly in place.

Also inspect the wires going into each connector. Ensure that there are no loose wires possibly causing a lost connection.

Reinspect the build. Look for a screw or some metal to metal contact that could be causing a short.

Or a kinked, pinched, or otherwise damaged wire.

Use a bright flashlight and even a magnifying glass to look everything over very carefully.
Jan 27, 2021
Thanks for the reply.
I was so disappointed that i finally gave it one more shot .
I took out the cpu, cleaned its back surface and the surface of the heatsink where they both meet with alcohol and resetted the cpu and checked all the connections and viola everything works fine, all the RAM shown, temperature all fine and the pc works normally as before.
Thanks again for the help Ralston 18.
Am happy finally after 2 days of disappointment