Ran 3dMark Whats wrong with my CPU/GPU


Mar 17, 2011
Specs are as follows:
CPU: Phenom II X4 955 BE~Stock Settings. Voltage @ 1.024V in CPU-z right now.
RAM:2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600~ CPU-z is showing correct timings and voltages
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 6950~ Flashed to 6970, max temp was 85C during testing
MOBO: Gigabyte AM3 AMD 890GX
CASE: Antec Nine Hundred Two

Scores in 3d mark
GPU: 17566
CPU: 10844
Is there something wrong with my scores? Is this a cause of my CPU bottlenecking? what could be wrong?
Then that seems about right to me.

My i5 750 at 4ghz scores about 18k CPU.

My two 5850s at 870/1200 score around 30k - not sure about a single card but 17.5k for a single stock 6970 seems alright, maybe some CPU bottlenecking though.
It's safe to try, just monitor temps. Once you start increasing voltage though the temps will begin to increase more significantly so it will certainly limit the OC potential. But you have a Black Edition, might as well spend $30 on a Hyper 212 Plus and get a good OC out of it.
120 for sure.

You don't really need a 2nd fan though, but that one should be ok... however, I wouldn't get that one. I'd first make sure that the mobo supports 2 PWM fans, and then just make sure the 2nd fan is PWM, that way the mobo can change fan speeds based on temp.