Question Ran installer for an already installed program; took up storage space as if installed twice?

May 3, 2020
Hello all,

I bought an SSD and I am trying to move Fusion360 to my SSD to 1) run it faster and 2) free up space on C:/ drive.

I downloaded the installer to my SSD to run it from there, hoping that Fusion would be installed to my SSD. At the time of downloading the installer, I checked my C:/ drive and I had ~17GB left. Fusion360 takes up ~4GB, according to Add/Remove Programs.

Already having Fusion360 installed in C:/, I ran the installer. After completion, I was left with ~13GB on C:/. The program still appears once, however the previous install date in Add/Remove Programs was replaced with this recent install date.

So, does this mean I just got an update but with the size of an entire install? Because the only major changed I notice is that I lost 4GB, the approximate size of the entire installed program.
Alas, installing to a new location takes no action to remove/uninstall from the current location.

You might have to 'add/remove' programs to remove it from the SSD, then reinstall to your C:Drive to officially even reinstall it there so it can be removed..

Then install it to you new destination of choice...