Question Random 0x887a0006 error when playing Apex Legends ?


Jul 25, 2016
So I've recently build a new PC. Here are the specs:

Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080 Xtreme
Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite
Ryzen 7 5800x
32GB Ram
850w PSU (Corsair RM850x)

I'm getting this error just randomly whilest playing Apex. This is a game I play a lot and I never had this issues with on my previous PC. I don't know why a far better and newer PC has this problem?

I've searched online for a solution, and couldn't find one.

-I'm not overclocking anything.
-Drivers are up to date.
-Reinstalled Windows several times (clean install).
-Nothing seems to be wrong with the hardware. Temperatures, voltage and everything seem to be fine.
-Reinstalled Apex several times.

After once more reinstalling Windows, updating everything and installing everything new, I got to play Apex Legends for several hours without a crash. But then suddenly, out of nowhere it crashed again.

I don't know what this causes this problem.. I've read some things about some hardware causing this issue, but again, it's all new and it works fine. Also I didn't had any problems on other titles yet.
On the 3DMark TimeSpy benchmark I got a score of 17000+. So it seems all to be fine.

I seriously think it might me my new PC since my old PC (gtx 1080, 16gb ram, i7 8700k, 650w) didn't had that problem. But then again, everything else runs completely fine.

What can I do? Is this a voltage problem or is there a setting that can cause this issue?

Thanks in advance!