Question Random and sudden shifts of color/contrast on Windows 10 with Nvidia drivers ?


Nov 7, 2019
I'm using the Sony x900f TV as a monitor with a 1080 Ti, and today I hooked up another monitor as a secondary screen over Displayport, but now that I've reverted back to the TV and unplugged the second monitor, all desktop colors look overexposed like the exposure setting in photos is bumped a bit higher. When I boot the PC everything looks normal, and then there's a visible random shift on the desktop where colors/contrast changes, and thin lines become hard to see like the lines between sections of the file explorer, or Chrome tabs etc.

I'm not sure if connecting the monitor caused the problem but nothing else happened in between that might have been the issue. One display is 4k60 and the other was 1440p75hz, so maybe something in Windows changed due to that's still causing the problem.

Colors and contrast get overblown, and the blank incognito tab for example isn't grey as usual but has a purple hue to it. Everything gets brighter than it should be and bright colors are clipping, it's visible even with desktop folder icons. It's the most extreme when I'm running games in HDR, when that "shift" happens, HDR either gets a purple sheen to it or the contrast is all wrong and blacks are crushed with a lot of color banding. Whites get a purple hue and it just looks bad.

My only guess is that the dynamic range and color depth/space or whatever, changes randomly so that everything looks off. When it happens I can sometimes revert it by changing NVCP settings to RGB limited, but the problem comes back again at random pretty soon.

I'm not sure if this is a Win 10 issue but I've reinstalled my Nvidia drivers with DDU with multiple different versions of drivers so I don't know if they are behind it or is it Windows' fault...or if my GPU is dying. I also tried a different HDMI cable, plugging back only the monitor again via DP, and all the problems persist. I'd really appreciate any help as I can't find this issue with a solution mentioned anywhere and I don't know what else to try.