Random artifacts/lines on BIOS & Startup (restart fixes) -- 460 GTX Cy


Apr 12, 2011

I have a fairly new Sandy Bridge build that has recently started exhibiting some strange video problems on start up. I don't recall this happening prior to me rebuilding it with the new B3 series motherboard, but I don't think they are necessarily related (unless I didn't seat it / plug in power completely, which I will check when I get home this eve).

Essentially, the computer will occasionally display a load of vertical lines and other artifacts all over the screen from the BIOS post all the way through start up. So far, a simple reset clears the problem up (this only occurs when powering up from being completely off, and only sometimes). It seems to be getting more frequent, but it still clears up each time with a reset (as though the card isn't initializing). When it boots into what appears to be safe mode, the display still has the lines and artifacts, but it also appears goes into a very low resolution mode (as though it has no video driver).

I'm well within warranty, but I don't want to RMA unless I have to. Card temps at idle seem fine. I haven't really pushed this card much, but it has never given me any issue aside from this one random but reoccurring glitch.

Do you guys think this is a hardware problem, or perhaps a driver issue? The fact that it occurs at BIOS makes me think hardware, but I should note that I also occasionally get little error messages in Windows 7 re: "video driver has stopped working but has recovered...."


Video Card - MSI N460 GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC
Motherboard - ASUS P8P67LE
Processor - i5 2500
PSU - Corsair 550VX
Mem - Crucial (4GB)

Monitor, in case it matters, is an HP ZR24w hooked up via DVI


Jul 19, 2011

Hmm. I have a similar issue with different hardware and the key similarity is that a reboot resolves the issue.


ASUS Rampage III Extreme
Core i7 960 oc to 3.8 from 3.1
8GB 2000hz
850w Cooler Master gold modular

The monitor won't be the issue. I've trawled through Google and not found much tbh. The fact that it happens irregularly points to a hardware issue I thought. That, or a bios firmware issue. Though I flashed up to the latest bios version with no obvious results. The artifacts continue to occur randomly. I'm thinking something with the card itself and after spending a grand on a 580, I have no problems taking it back and telling them to sort it out. Be keen to see if you get any other hits.



Sep 16, 2011

you need at least a 600w power supply not 600w max but 600w i have the evga 460 gtx EE SC and its a beast for the price i pay'd but that's the other thing you cant exspect a oc and defenetly a sc to last long


Jan 20, 2015

Hello there! we don't share specs but I have the same issue with my GTX 960. Did you find the cause of this annoyance?
Mine does the same, even tested into another build, nothing happens everything good. Took it back and worked ok, but after starting up form being completely off, this stuff started again to happen.