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Question Random Black and Green Screen and Flickering Tv to PC Connection


Aug 10, 2009
Hello everyone, I appologize for the long post, but I don't think I can describe the issue in a shorter format.


Windows 10
Intel Core i7 7700k
AMD Radeon RX 580
16gb ddr4 2133 MHz ram
Samsung Evo 960 m.2 SSD

Main Display: LG 24GM77 24" 144 hz
Secondary Display: LG 24MK430H 75 hz
Third Display (TV) : Panasonic TC-P50s1 1080p Plasma

I recently have had an issue start happening where my TV starts flickering, goes black for a few seconds, then turns green, gets some artifacts and lines on it, and then displays windows for a few seconds, rendering it completely useless.

For the past 10 years now I've been connecting this TV to my computer to watch movies, or to share my monitor with other people in the room. I had no issues with my old computer, or with my current one until recently. A few weeks ago my TV started randomly flickering while I was watching a movie on it (duplicating the display form my PC).
My first thought was that the HDMI cable must have broken, however once I changed it the issue persisted.

My setup was: TV connected through HDMI cable, Monitor through DVI. I also got a new secondary monitor, which unfortunately has no DisplayPort connection, so I have hooked it up through an HDMI to DVI adapter. I hooked up my main monitor through DisplayPort, and my TV through HDMI.

I have tried connecting only the TV to the computer and unplugging the other displays, and the issue persists.
My other two displays work perfectly fine using any of the ports available in my video card.
Another issue I have noticed is that my computer hangs a little bit when I plug in the TV, every few seconds my mouse gets some mini freezes.

I figured it must be an issue with the TV or one of its HDMI ports, however I hooked up my laptop using the same HDMI cable i use to hook up the TV to the computer, and it works perfectly fine in every port. No flickering, no issues.

This left me with only a driver issue, it might have been some Radeon software update i did recently, so I just updated to the latest ADM drivers (released today) as a last ditch effort. And once again the issue persists.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on? Or some more trouble shooting suggestions?

Thank you!
Feb 21, 2020
Hey actually came here with a similar issue. Mines a little more inconsistent with what it actually does but it sounds similar enough to what you're describing to where it sounds like its the same thing.
I have a Nvidia card. Which means it may be an issue with windows/display settings and not the graphics cards.
May 28, 2020
I had this problem twice in the period of about 2 years, with the same HDMI cable, monitor/TV and VGA.
First time I cleaned everything with a brush, changed thermal paste, etc. It worked!
But now, 1 year later it got worse, I was loosing hope on my good old 750Ti...
That's when I remembered letting the HDMI cable hit the ground a few times and saw that was a little bent in the connector, just a bit. I decided to press the connector of the HDMI cable against my house wall, I did it with strength to get straightened again.
I so happy that this worked, but I really need to buy another HDMI cable, a good one.

If I would do what I read on the internet I would change my VGA, monitor and cable and spend a lot of money. But fortunately it is only the cable.

Oh! I forgot to tell.
I made a lot of changes in the PC this second time.
1_ Changed every thermal paste that I could change. In the CPU, North and South bridge chipset of the motherboard, mosfet heatsink and GPU.
2_ Opened the monitor/TV and cleaned the dust, saw that the power connector was a bit loose inside the TV and fixed.
3_ Updated the NVIDIA driver, Network driver (I was so desperate), etc.
4_ Saw a very little bit of thermal paste in the pins of AMD FX6300 CPU that was causing stuttering in the PC and cleaned.
5_ Tested other CPU, other memories, VGA, etc.

After all that, it didn't solve the problem with the green flickering and blackouts, only after I pressed the conector of the HDMI cable against the wall. Maybe it was all that maintenance that solves the problem, I don't know.

I forgot to say that I changed the fuse from the power strip, even though it wasn't blown.
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