Question Random black screen , crash and windows keep bootloop after restarting , PSU failure?


Apr 16, 2018
i got random crash and blackscreen, mostly when i gaming but when idle or browsing i also got crash with black screen after hard reset (push reset button) i got my pc suddenly off and automatically restart the pc when log in into windows (log in password screen idk how to describe it) and then blue screen appeared and telling me to troubleshoot ,reset etc..
the temp gpu and cpu are normal (check with msi afterburner)
gpu 42c idle and 61c max when gaming
cpu 39 idle and 55 -60c when gaming
i have already reapplied pasta for gpu and cpu.
updating all driver and updating windows is not solve the problem
sfc scannow , memory test , chkdsk also not solve the problem.
i tried reset the windows (it seems fine no black screen or crash when resetting process) , i recently adding another brand new internal hard drive is it cause the problem? (undervoltage or something like that?)
my spec:
i5 4460
2x4gb team elite
128gb ssd adata for system
1x 500gb wd blue 5400 rpm
1x 1tb wd blue 7200 rpm
h97m e35 msi motherboard
nvidia gtx960 palit superjetstream
LG monitor forgot the type but its still using analog cable so im using an adapter to dvi no any problem until now,
im using 4 fan including fan for cpu
psu coolermaster g550m 550w and UPS 1200va
i dont know what to do anymore , is it psu failure or gpu failure?
any answer i really appriciated it