Question Random black screen crashes with stuttering ?

Mar 20, 2022
Like the title says - at seemingly random intervals my computer will go to a black screen on both monitors and spam a fraction of audio in a stuttering/buzzing sound. Sometimes it will hang for about 15 seconds before restarting and automatically logging back in, other times I have to hard reset with the power button. My PC has no other performance issues at all and it boots back up no problem if I hold the power button or restarts itself if I let it hang for a little bit. This usually only happens when I'm playing a game - Final Fantasy XIV in this case.

I had once thought this to be a cooling issue and remedied it by sticking my fan next to my PC case while I played games, which I had planned to use as a temporary "fix" until I could save up for a new case, fans and cooler. This worked for about a week but now I'm dealing with the same issue again. I've run stress tests on the CPU without issue. Upon running a stress test on the GPU it ran without issue and performed flawlessly for the entirety of the 30-minute test, but crashed like usual whenever the program closed to create a log at the end of it. I just tried replacing my RAM with my old RAM and got the same crash so it's not the RAM, I'm pretty sure.

I'm running an HP Omen 30L that I replaced/added a few things to - namely a couple of internal drives and a RAM upgrade. The main specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

RTX 3080


Windows 10 64-bit

OS is installed on a 1TB SSD while my games are kept on a separate, internal HDD. Again, no other performance issues whatsoever - no lagging, stuttering or data loss, only this crashing at random with seemingly no prerequisite or consistent cause.