Question Random BSOD, need help !!

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May 28, 2022
add the network card and you should be good. update firmware of any device that might not have been updated. (cpu firmware, usb device, thunderbolt,..., firmware of ssd maybe)
Windows installed, I'll be messing around normally, if something happens I'll come back here to let you know. Thanks a lot for the help!
was running, the app was told to shut down. it started to do its cleanup and when it cleaned up its virtual memory it found one entry had already been freed but it had one bit still set so the memory manager bugchecked thinking it was a hardware error 1 single bit corruption.

i think it is NVDisplay.Container.exe
i think it is part of the system tray program for nvidia

need to figure out why a bit was corrupted
generally considered a hardware error.
System Uptime: 0 days 6:21:59.044

fix attempt would to be to remove your overclocking driver
RTCore64.sys Thu Jun 18 04:55:42 2020

second attempt would to go into bios and set your memory from 2666mhz to a lower value like 2400mhz.

run a memtest86 if you have not

as a side note: (not sure the effect would be other than to slow stuff down/change timings)

you also seem to have two copies of Kaspersky software installed from different years. memory manager detects a loading collision and loads the second copy at an offset.
you should remove all the copies and reinstall.
here is a example: (sets of 2 file names with different dates)
download and run autoruns64 and hide the microsoft entries.
you can use this tool to delete drivers if you can not find the uninstaller.

klupd_klif_arkmon klupd_klif_arkmon.sys Thu Dec 2 07:57:11 2021 (61A8ECD7)
fffff802a5b90000 fffff802a5bdb000 klupd_klif_arkmon_fffff802a5b90000 klupd_klif_arkmon.sys Fri Feb 18 07:21:37 2022 (620FB981)
fffff802a59a0000 fffff802a59ee000 klupd_klif_klark klupd_klif_klark.sys Thu Dec 2 07:56:57 2021 (61A8ECC9)
fffff802a5940000 fffff802a598d000 klupd_klif_klark_fffff802a5940000 klupd_klif_klark.sys Fri Feb 18 07:20:31 2022 (620FB93F)
fffff802a58b0000 fffff802a58e8000 klupd_klif_mark klupd_klif_mark.sys Thu Dec 2 07:57:26 2021 (61A8ECE6)
fffff802a5b50000 fffff802a5b88000 klupd_klif_mark_fffff802a5b50000 klupd_klif_mark.sys Fri Feb 18 07:15:37 2022 (620FB819)

none of the core windows files have been modified
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