Question Random BSOD on Win10 probably cause by incompatible RAM memory


Aug 13, 2017
Hello, I recently bought 9 PCs with the following components:
-Processor: Core i3 8100
-RAM Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury 8x2 GB RAM (in dual channel) 2400 mhz
-SSD: Crucial BX500 240gb
-HDD: Western Digital HDD Blue 1TB
-GPU: Recycled some old GT 730 ddr5 and GT 1030 ddr5 until I get some money for new GPUs.
-PSU: EVGA 500w 80 plus white (I want some low consumption GPUs)

I get random BSODs and I tried everything on the internet and I am unable to stop them from happening. After searching a little bit on MSI's webpage I found out the model number of my ram didn't appear on the supported list (HX424C15FB2/8). I do have another MOBO which has the same RAM memory (8x2) which is a Gigabyte B360M DS3H which does list (HX424C15FB2/8) as a supported RAM memory, the PC with that MOBO has only given me 2 BSODs since I bought last year and it has the same specs besides the MOBO. Could that be the reason why I get random BSOD? What does unsupported RAM memory cause?

I get at least once a day on each PC which sometimes makes me lose some documents or other stuff. If this is not the reason of why I get the BSODs then I could have gotten a defective MOBO or RAM.

These are the common codes I get:
-Driver overran stack buffer
-Dad pool caller
-Memory Management (this being the most recurrent)
-Error System Service Exception

I am from Latin America, so getting either company to help me change the components can be difficult. If I am asking here is because I want to get the most feedback possible since spanish forums haven't helped me that much.


What does unsupported RAM memory cause?
BSOD... like what you getting. I would buy ram that is listed.

those are all data errors, if you hadn't said anything already I would suggest next step 1st

Try running memtesst86 on each of your ram sticks, one stick at a time, up to 8 passes. Only error count you want is 0, any higher could be cause of the BSOD. Remove/replace ram sticks with errors.

Can you follow option one on the following link - here - and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD

that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD
copy that file to documents
upload the copy from documents to a file sharing web site, and share the link here and I will get someone to convert file into a format I can read
He's right about mixing sticks.^

You could add some voltage ,see if this will bring some stability.Use 1.35V. Maybe that even setting timings and speed manually will be better than relying on the PnP (Plug'nPlay) that Kingston uses. That PnP should set timings and speed automatically.

There's also a pretty recent bios for the MSI board so try and install that as well=Version 7B31v18 Release Date 2019-04-01.


Aug 13, 2017
I am not an expert in computers I do now what parts should be compatible on a basic level except certain specific cases like this. A guy who works in these things helped me and told me he did a stress test on both memories and none had issues according to the tests. He also updated de Bios to the version from 2019-04-01 since that was the day he came to my house to check the PC and looked at BIOS versions first.

Problem on my country is that I have never in my life seen any store selling kits of 2 ram memories and I did buy second han RAM memories before to my old 2nd and 3rd generation PCs without any issues so I thought this time it would be the same, better still when they are new.

I tried a single RAM memory in the PC that gave me more issues and it still got BSODs. I don't have a way to test and do Memory Dumps until maybe next week. I hope by that time someone here will still be able to tell me about issues in Dumps. What I was about to do was to buy a Gigabyte B360M DS3H like the one I had and test again since my old B360M is the one that had less issues. If not then maybe I should sell my RAM memories and leave everything with only one module.


Aug 13, 2017
So I want to try buying a B360M DS3H like the one I already have that hasn't given me many issues. This one has my ram memory on its supported list. My main doubts are these:
What does SS and SD mean and will it affect dual channel?
According to the list my 2400 mhz works but on the "Native" part it says 2133 mhz instead of 2400 mhz. Does that mean that in order for my ram to work I will need to use it a lower mhz?

My ram model is exactly the one marked in blue: HX424C15FB2/8