Nov 19, 2011
Hey guys, So today I was just messing around on the computer and I left it idle for a little over 20 minutes and when I can back I had a BSOD. It said that there was something wrong with the power or something I didnt really read it, But under that it said to check any new hardware that you have installed recently, the only thing I have installed was a new CPU cooler so I don't think that is the root of the problem but when I installed the CPU cooler I did have to move my two ram sticks from the 1 and 3 slots to the 2 and 4 slots because the fan was too big. Do you guys have any idea why I got a BSOD??? this is the first time and if it helps I have a 650 power supply and a i5 2500k with a amd 6950 graphics card.