Question Random BSODs


Jul 25, 2014
I am back here again with another BSOD issue.
Hope will be able to solve it this time once again with the extremely helpful community.

For now the BSOD with the error "Kmode exception not handled nvlddmkm.sys" occurred twice.
Interestingly both occurred while watching videos on YouTube in Firefox 94.0.2 64-bit running on Windows 10 21H1.

the minidump here:
Note: There was no new minidump or memory.dmp File after the most recent BSOD.
The dump that I have, was generated after the first BSOD. Both had the same error message.

PS. Another BSOD Occurred today but this time error message was different. It said "Bad Pool Header"
And this time the dump file was generated
The minidump here:

BIOS is Asus B85M-G
BIOS version is 2001
PSU is CoolerMaster Thunder 500
Storage devices are 1 tb Seagate x 1 which is 9 years old now (Seems like yesterday) and most of the system is 8 years old.
and 2 tb Seagate x 1 which is 2 years old.
GPU is Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB
CPU is Intel Core i5 4440 @ 3.10 GHz
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