Question Random (but very important for me) questions...


Oct 13, 2012
Hey, guys!

I just did some more reading and research as I'm trying to build my first time ever 100% based AMD rig, and the more I read upon various topics that I'm not familiar with the more I stumble upon issues that I might have with this build. Which brings me to these random but very important questions that I'd like to get your input on if you don't mind:

1a. AMD and virtualization... do all AMD CPUs support virtualization, or only some of them? And if only some, can I please get a list of all Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 CPUs that allow virtualization?

I'm only interested in the 5 and 7 tiers of Ryzen because those are the only ones that I can afford, so no need to list all CPUs under the sky. Just let me know if these ones allow me to create virtual machines because my intention is to use Linux (I haven't decided on the distro yet), and on Linux to create a VM in which I will install Windows 8.1

1b. Also on the virtualization topic, I just read a few moments ago that motherboards also need to support virtualization in order to create VMs, but I've never been aware of this, so is this true? And if yes, can you recommend a few MoBo (I'd prefer Asrock or Gigabyte) that support virtualization and which also support Ryzen 5 / 7 CPUs?

2. About an hour ago I found a reddit thread on google in which a lot of people complained that the 2.5 GB LAN component / header / whatever it's called is not being recognized by Linux. distros. There were dozens of people in that thread saying that - regardless of the MoBo manufacturer - the 2.5 GB LAN thingy is not being recognized by their distro and that they couldn't make use of it. Can you confirm / infirm this? Because the few MoBo that I looked at come with support for 2.5 GB LAN but if Linux won't detect this... I don't think it's worth even getting a MoBo with this type of LAN and I might be better off sticking with the usual 10/100/1000 MBs LAN capabilities.

3. are ECC memory sticks really needed for VMs to work, or can I have perfectly working VMs without the ECC sticks? I've settled on 32 GB DDR4 and about 5 TB of storage, so I should have enough resources to run VMs on my Linux AMD rig, but I'm not sure whether I need ECC sticks as well. Can someone help me figure this out?

4. Onboard graphics... since unused GPUs are obscenely costly nowadays I've settled on buying used GPUs from shops here in my local area. But since they're used (thus have no warranty) there's a big possibility that I might get scammed or something, so I'd like to be protected. And for this I've decided to go with either a MoBo that comes with graphics card pre-installed, either a CPU that comes with one, either both a MoBo and CPU that comes with graphics capabilities preinstalled. But I'm not sure whether all 3 types of graphics cards (MoBo, CPU, and standalone GPU) can work well with each other.

Actually, will ALL of these things (onboard graphics, CPU virtualization, 2.5 LAN + WiFi + bluetooth, Linux) work well with each other, or are there incompatibility issues between whichever one of them that I need to know about?

And I think that's all for now... I think...

I will go back to reading and researching, but I'm not hopeful that I'll find the answers to these questions because I already searched for them, and you are my last resort. So, please let me know if you know these answers. Thanks in advance!