May 7, 2012
Hello, first time on this site, recommended by a friend.

I have had this problem for over a year now, it comes and goes, couple months good then makes games unplayable for a week.

Problem: When playing high end games on high settings, temperatures of my components general rise as it should, however my gpu and cores stay at 50-60deg. But about 15minutes and up into playing, the computer does 1 of two things. Either it will just cut off, or the sound bugs out and it keeps repeating the last second of sound over and over until i manually turn off the power.

specs: atx 680w suntec power supply
evga gtx 460 gpu
4 gigs of memory
intel core 2 duo 3ghz

i used to play WoW and it happened but worked well for a little, then started up again in swtor, then worked and now happens constantly in Tera.

a friend told me to check the errors in windows event viewer and it comes up with "The Software Protection service entered the stopped state." at the time of the crash.
When playing a game, i can feel the power supply getting pretty hot, and the fan pointing outside the case does not constantly spin. Not sure if this is a feature as i have read some power supplys can do this. Im not even sure if an overheating power supply can crash the computer in this way.

any help or information would be very appreciated. sorry if i dont post this in the right place.

night wolf

Jan 1, 2012
have you tried putting another power supply in and see what happens? i think its an overheating problem you have there.

How is the temperature inside your case when the pc crashes?