Question Random CPU Spikes - Dell G3 3579 Laptop

Jun 3, 2020
Hey guys, recently, I've started getting 100% CPU spikes while plugged in. It's seemingly random when I'm doing light gaming (such as Terraria) or when I'm editing audio/playing with my USB MIDI keyboard. Whenever a spike occurs, all USB ports lose power and the devices reconnect. Anytime I'm plugged in and I open a web browser, it spikes to 100% guaranteed.
This started when my frayed 3-prong power cord sparked. I hadn't connected it to the laptop yet. I thought that getting a new charging cable would solve the issue, but tonight the USB ports lost power several times while I was testing things while unplugged so I guess that wouldn't make a difference.
I would really appreciate any suggestions. This is practically rendering my laptop useless, especially as someone who works with audio as a hobby. Anytime the USB ports lose power, I have to re-open whatever applications I was using for the peripherals to be seen as active again.

Thanks for your help.