[SOLVED] Random crash/ Freezing

Nov 17, 2018

Here's my issue, I have a newish computer that randomly "freezes". When I say random I mean it might happen once a day to maybe not happening for a couple of days or a week. Nothing really seems to trigger it, it just happens. I play graphicly demanding games no prob..run a lot of tasks etc..just fine. But some times it will just freeze, the monitor will go black with no signal, the fans speed up, and the power button is unresponsive. The only way to restart it is through the PSU switch in the back. I have the latest drivers. idk..im stumped. the build is as follows:

windows 10
CPU: AMD 2700x
MOBO: ROG Strix x470-f
GPU: Zotac RTX 2080
RAM: G.skill Trident Z 16g 3200mhz DDR4
SSD: Samsung 860 evo 500g
PSU: seasonic focus plus 750w gold
CPU Cooler: Kraken x62

Nov 16, 2018
As U r saying,Fan speeds up while pc freezes,I think there must be something wrong with cooling process which may not going as expected.I will suggest u to use a blower safely to blow Dust particles out from ur System.

Another thing u can try is Using a Display Driver that may U Display Output unit required but u haven't installed yet but this might be not the cz u r facing this shit Randomly but u may give it a try if u forgot that.

And lastly apply a New Thermal Paste over the processor,it may possible that paste over the processor dried so it may functioning properly evertime,cz as we know Processor have a type of security that when processor gets hotter above a certain limit it limits the performance which may further leads to crashes.

Plz reply if something works or also if u already tried these or Awnser is Not Relevant cz i m new here and this is my 1st post.Thanks!