Question Random crash restarts, fans go max speed ?

Jan 9, 2022
Hi, I’ve been having an extremely frustrating problem where my monitor is going black, yet the pc is still on but the fans rev to max for a minute or so, and then the computer restarts.

It happens at complete random whether I’m watching YouTube or playing games or even idle on the desktop. It can be within 5 minutes uptime to multiple hours. I’ve updated gpu drivers and chipset drivers but it didn’t help.

I built this computer at the beginning of the year and had no problems until June. I left my pc on to download the halo mcc and when I got home the fans were roaring and the screen was off.

I’ve tried multiple fixes with nothing working
  • replaced power supply
  • monitored temps and they’re not amazing but not at overheating range at all
  • I did sfc/ scannow in cmd prompt, it found 1 corrupted file and repaired it and I did a drive repair
  • fresh install of windows also did nothing
  • I took it to geek squad as a last ditch effort and they couldn’t find the problem either
My specs are
-ryzen 5 5600x
-rtx 2060
-asrock b550m pro4
-16gb Corsair 2133mhz
- evga 600w psu
-Samsung 980 ssd

I just looked in event viewer and found kernel-power 41 error so is it my psu?