Random Crash

Alright then...

I have a pretty strange problem which I have been trying to figure out, and am looking for a fresh brain on this subject as I am getting annoyed.


Phenom II 980 BE
Asus M5A97
8GB Corsair 1600MHz (9-9-9-24) Currently set to 1333MHz
Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD
GeForce 560 Ti
Thermaltake 680W Tough Power

The problem is.

Occasionally my system will completely crash. no BSOD, no warning, just completely shut down like I hit a power switch. When I reboot there is no warning, no microsoft error reporting, nothing in the event viewer, nothing.

In order to reboot I have to hit the PSU Hardswitch, drain the capacitors, and turn back on.

1. It is not heat related, I currently am running stock speeds on all components, and I have a more than adequate cooling / ventilation system and case (HAF 932 Adv.)

2. It is unpredictable. I can play games for 5 hours straight and it won't happen, or I can open a browser 5 mins after turning the computer on and it will.

3. I have checked all connections, removed everything, and replaced it all. Still happens.

4. It seems like it *might* be the SSD, although from what I have heard, people aren't really seeing problems with that one, and it seems like most of the time it is a BSOD or Hang.

Any other ideas?