Question Random crashes during gaming, and stuttering performance ?


Oct 28, 2017
I built a rig with specs as below:

MSI Gaming 3 motherboard
i5 4690k (not OC)
MSI GTX 970,
HyperX Fury DDR4 8Gb × 2
Corsair CV 650w non-modular
480 GB Kingston Q900 SSD plus 2 TB WD HDD back in 2014.

I got good performance out of my rig for the first 3-4 years with little to no issues. Then I started experiencing random crashes which usually only happened after I started gaming.
I checked temperatures and they were fine and so bought a UPS to maintain uninterrupted supply. I've mainly ignored the problem since then and tried multiple OS wipes and Driver reinstalls. I still experience random crashes.

I never had issues with performance in game and was there fore largely alright. But after someone pulled my HDD out of its slot my rig developed a new problem. There was a stutter and lag to every game I played. The video seemed to play on a slower speed to the audio and no matter what graphical setting or game I tried there was this persistent issue.
I tried changing my HDD to a 480 GB SSD. Did this twice just to make sure it wasn't the individual drive at fault. Both these problems have still persisted. I've run benchmarking tools to see if there was any damage go my CPU or GPU and these came back fine.
What can I do? Sorry for the lengthy post.